Stuart Sidney Undergraduate Math Competition

The mathematics department hosts an annual Stuart Sidney Math Competition every spring. Starting from 2023 the competition covers several topics (instead of only focusing in the Calculus sequence). All UConn undergraduates, and pre-college students taking math courses at UConn (not co-op courses in high school), are welcome to participate. The competition will be grouped into three categories depending on the background of the contestants:

  • Beginner: essentially 1000-level math courses
  • Intermediate: 2000-level calculus, linear algebra
  • Over-all: beyond calculus sequence

Organizers:  Vasileios Chousionis and Mihai Fulger

Past competition problems

Stuart Sidney Math Competition 2023 solutions

Undergraduate Calculus Competition 2019 solutions

Undergraduate Calculus Competition 2018 solutions

Undergraduate Calculus Competition 2017 solutions

Undergradaute Calculus Competition 2016 solutions

Undergraduate Calculus Competition 2015 solutions

Undergraduate Calculus Competition 2014

Past Competition results

2023 Stuart Sidney Math Competition
  • First prize: Leonard Schweitzer,
  • Second prize: Eli Gold,
  • Intermediate level prize: Leon Nguyen
  • Beginner level prize: Quinn Saltus
2019 Calculus Competition
  • First prize: Minjae Lee,
  • Second prize: Trajan A. Murphy,
  • Third prize: Thomas A. Strelecky,
  • Honorable mention: Sean C. O’Hagan, Keagan T. Yao,
  • First-Place Beginners: Samuel T. Degnan-Morgenstern.
2018 Calculus Competition
  • First prize: Zhongwei Wang, Sydney C. Louit,
  • Second prize: Renjie Xiong, Chengzhang Li,
  • Third prize: Peter B. Ruthernberg, Keegan T. Yao.
2017 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Timothy Smits;   Second: Surath Fernando;   Third: Xinyu Wang.
  • Intermediate    First: Jungin Kim;   Second: Keyur Shah;   Thrid: Priyank Shelat.
  • Beginner    First: Jiapeng Guo, Weihan Li, Yi Zhou.
2016 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Robert Kao;   Second: Eyal Minsky-Fenick, Timothy Smits;   Fourth: Zachary Cohen, Trajan Murphy.
  • Intermediate    First: Eyal Minsky-Fenick;   Second: Trajan Murphy;   Honorable mention: Theodore Sauyet.
  • Beginner    First: Hongyi Xia;   Honorable mention: Xiangyun Rui.
2015 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Robert Kao;   Second: Timothy Smits;   Honorable mention: Surath Fernando, Imanda Hayyu, Theodore Sauyet Jr., Dennis Scheglov.
  • Intermediate    First: Surath Fernando, Theodore Sauyet Jr., Dennis Scheglov;   Honorable mention: Alexis Dziubek.
2014 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Scott Norton;   Second: Robert Kao;   Honorable mention: Patrick Adams, Janyu Bhatt, Jia Wu, Elizabeth Tripp, Isaac Packtor.
  • Intermediate    First: Patrick Adams, Janyu Bhatt.
  • Beginner    First: Kwun Yin Wong.
2013 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Scott Norton;   Second: Robert Kao, Yu Zhang;   Honorable mention: Teng Huang.
  • Intermediate    First: Robert Kao, Yu Zhang;   Honorable mention: Clancy Emanuel, Cheng Guo, Timothy Smits.
  • Beginner    First: Clancy Emanuel; Second: Yijia Sun;   Honorable mention: Zachary Cohen, Isaac Packtor.
2012 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Antoni Brzoska, Scott Norton.
  • Intermediate    First: Yu Zhang; Second: Tyler Silber, Elizabeth Tripp; Fourth: Aaron Carta.
  • Beginner    First: Yu Zhang;   Honorable mention: Russell Bentley, Hannah Tripp.
2011 Calculus Competition
  • Overall    First: Antoni Brzoska, Scott Norton;   Honorable mention: Michael Ignatowich, Daryl Klakouski, James Luczynski.
  • Intermediate    First: Daryl Klakouski.
  • Beginner    First: John Bartolotta, Luocheng Wang;   Third: Savas Tsikis, Zhuoqing Xu.